• LASCAUX 4 in Montignac (20 km from Sarlat): not only a copy of the original cave of LASCAUX (world heritage) but prehistoric and temporal art, the architecture of the building, and an individual tablet and headset provide a modern experience to enjoy for at least 2,5 hours. We recommend you to make a reservation in advance!
  • THE HANGING GARDENS OF MARQUEYSSAC, in summer time every Thursday evening illuminated by candles like a fairytale forest;
  • Small and picturesque SAINT GÉNIÈS with her Sunday morning market and the cozy local-food-market on every Wednesday evening in summertime;
  • The castles of CASTELNAUD, BEYNAC or COMMARQUE where you learn all about castle-life and especially the use of weapons in the Middle Ages;
  • Take a seat on a traditional GABARRE or rent a CANOE for a beautiful view at the castles, while sailing the Dordogne river;
  • Visit a CAVE where you take a boat (PADIRAC) or train (LACAVE), where you attend a music and light show (PROUMEYSSAC).
  • The VELO VERT ROUTE awaits you for an easy bike trip: it is build on top of the old railway between Sarlat and Souillac, relatively flat because of her bridges and tunnels;
  • You might prefer the GOLFCOURSES of Sarlat or Souillac; renting an ATB, go hiking, swimming, cave climbing, or follow a trail between the trees;
  • The famous pilgrimage site of ROCAMADOUR exists of three levels: on the top of the hill you’ll find the castle (with a bird show and knights-on-horses show on the other site of the parking), a cathedral has been partly cut out of the hill and at the bottom lies a tourist street with shops and restaurants;
  • There is a large variety of parks (animal, climbing, dinosaurs, aquarium, midget golf) where the CHILDREN will enjoy themselves throughout the day.
  • LE THOT offers prehistoric workshops for children, like cave painting and arrow-shooting;
  • The waterside terraces from MONTIGNAC invite you for a lunch or ice cream;
  • Take a road trip: a guided tour will take you to the prettiest villages and scenic view-points;
  • In the old centre of TERRASSON you might expect some stairs to climb … and many fountains, the beautiful Gardens of Imagination and a chocolate museum where you can both taste and buy this delicious product.